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We want to see a change in food production, where sustainable eco-friendly methods come together to eliminate food miles, reduce our island’s carbon footprint whilst practicing water conservation and promote locally grown healthy produce available nationwide.



Our mission is to create a sustainable farm designed to provide natural healthy food to our community while providing positive sustainable impacts on the environmental, economic, and social systems that surround food.   

Our farm produces no waste, minimizes energy input, and has a positive environmental impact.  


Green Manor Farm was first conceptualized to bringing sustainable farming to Barbados back in 2012. There have been many years of research and planning to find a method best suited to contributing to a sustainable food system. Producing healthy food in an environmentally positive way has been at the fore front of this project. The ever-present water shortages due to long droughts have always been a problem for conventional farming techniques and have become a major focal point. 

Construction began in 2018 and completed in 2020. Now Green Manor Farm is a family owned and operated aquaponics farm geared towards producing natural, healthy foods. The various products grown include leafy greens such as lettuces and kale as well as fruits, vegetables, and fish. There is also a small Apiary (bee farm) on site which produces 100% pure honey. Green Manor Farm is also planting fruit trees as well as lumber trees to provide a greener footprint.

The vision to provide 100% all-natural products to the people of Barbados in hopes of creating a market that is not only bountiful but most importantly sustainable.


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